The driver of a LaFerrari somehow ended up crashing into three parked cars in Budapest, Hungary.

One of the 499 LaFerrari units will need some serious TLC after the driver lost control of the hybrid supercar and managed to hit no less than three parked cars. The accident took place yesterday morning in Hungary’s capital on the corner of Váci street and as you can see the sold out flagship Ferrari suffered some moderate damages on the front right side which will obviously cost a pretty penny to repair.

The good news is nobody was hurt during the crash and now the police are conducting an investigation to find out what happened. According to preliminary reports, the LaFerrari driver got out of a repair shop and probably the car's cold tires didn't provide enough traction and he ended up crashing his prized possession. The damage doesn’t look that bad, so the car will likely be on the streets once again in the near future.

It’s likely the fourth LaFerrari crash registered after a late 2013 accident with a truck in Italy, an encounter with a Volkswagen Golf last year in Monaco and a more serious crash earlier this year in Shanghai.

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Source: Wörthersee GTI-Treffen and

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