A new batch of spy photos catches the new 911 GT3 RS with seemingly no camouflage. It boasts some serious aerodynamic parts to create lots of downforce.

Starting at the front, the fascia is similar to the regular GT3 but with vertical fins on each side. The hood gains a pair of massive vents. It's not clear whether they would be for cooling the radiators or for routing air to improve the aerodynamics.

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From the side, you can see the big slits above the front fenders. There's another fin behind the wheel. Unlike the standard GT3, the RS gains openings ahead of the rear wheels.

At the back, there's a huge wing that appears to be even bigger than the one on the GT3. Below it, the rear decklid also has a small spoiler on the lip. More vertical fins are behind the rear wheels.

The two cars in these photos have different exhaust layouts. The one with the license plate ending in 4002 has a pair of black, large-diameter pipes that point downward. The vehicle with the 4103 plate has smaller outlets with a metallic finish that come directly out of the rear.

Another difference between them is that car 4002 has yellow brake calipers, indicating that it has carbon-ceramic stoppers. The 4103 vehicle has black calipers in front and red parts in the rear.

Power for the GT3 RS reportedly comes from a naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six engine. Where this mill makes 502 horsepower (374 kilowatts) and 346 pound-feet (469 Newton-meters) of torque in the standard GT3, the RS reportedly has more than 520 hp (383 kW).

Judging from videos of the RS' development, a dual-clutch gearbox is available. Buyers might also be able to get a manual transmission.

We are expecting the GT3 RS to debut soon. Although, the exact timing is unclear. Unless Porsche plans to make it a big surprise, we don't think the RS is going to premiere at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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