Nissan’s Global Vice President for Research and Advanced Engineering, Takao Asami, told Auto Express magazine that even the GT-R and 370Z sports cars will eventually join the autonomous driving tech bandwagon.

Whether we like it or not, autonomous cars are on their way and it seems sooner or later even high-performance cars will employ this technology. While that might sound like bad news, Takao Asami says the tech could be adapted for sports cars to “extract more capability and improve performance.” He went on to specify the GT-R and 370Z could eventually receive a Piloted Drive system incorporating a Track mode which would guide the driver to become faster around a circuit and also have more fun behind the wheel.

While on a high-end potent vehicle the Piloted Drive will boost performance, on a regular car it will be engineered to improve comfort and safety. In addition, the driver will still be able to take control whenever he will want as Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says they are not interested at this point in launching a fully driverless car.

We remind you Nissan recently unveiled the Leaf Piloted Drive 1.0 concept which is a first step towards an autonomous vehicle planned to come out by the end of the decade. The car will probably be based on the second generation Leaf electric hatchback and will be able to drive itself on the highways (up to a certain speed), change lanes, overtake and perform other similar maneuvers.


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