Bentley has something special planned for this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed. On Friday, June 24, company CEO Adrian Hallmark will announce the next project for its Mulliner division. The "next chapter" arrives after Bentley's success with the Blower Continuation Series and the special Bacalar roadster.

The new Mulliner build will "combine exceptional design, engineering, and handcraftsmanship," and that's all we know about the new project. Judging by Mulliner's past cars, the next one could be something new, old, or right in between.

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The Bentley Bacalar from Mulliner debuted in 2020, packing 650 horsepower (478 kilowatts), a heavily modified Bentley Continental GT Convertible design, and just two seats. The company only made 12 examples for £1.5 million each, but the company had no trouble finding buyers, selling all of them before the reveal even happened.

Before the Bacalar was the Blower Continuation Series in 2019 that put the 1929 model back into production. Bentley limited its production to just 12 examples for the new series, combining state-of-the-art manufacturing practices with old-school craftsmanship techniques. We might not know much about Mulliner's next project, but we expect Bentley will limit its production to maximize its exclusivity.

Bentley will bring its new Mulliner project with a portfolio of other cars to the showcase, including the new Flying Spur S, the new Continental GT Mulliner, and others. The company will also bring along the Blower Continuation Series Car Zero, which will race up the festival's hillclimb event. Bentley will be joining a gaggle of other automakers squawking for attention at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed.

BMW has announced that it will reveal the new M3 Touring wagon at the event, while Porsche is bringing a look at its future with the 718 Cayman GT4 ePerformance. Ford is teasing "something electrifying" for the festival, while Travis Pastrana's 863-hp 1983 Subaru GL wagon will rocket up the hillclimb event along with the Polestar 5 prototype. And that's just the reveals we know about as there could be other surprises in store, too.

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