Yamaha has revealed in Tokyo today the SPORTS RIDE CONCEPT which acts as a follow-up to the 2013 MOTIV.e concept.

While the previous concept took the shape of a city car, the new one embodies the characteristics of a sports car with an ultra-low 750 kg (1,653 lbs) weight and a body measuring 3,900 mm long, 1,720 mm wide and 1,170 mm tall. This is a two-seater that according to Yamaha offers a driver-machine relationship similar to a motorcycle and uses an adaptation of the iStream manufacturing system developed by Gordon Murray.

The concept came to life after five months of work and instead of the glass fiber content employed by the previous iStream setup it now uses carbon fiber to achieve that impressive low weight. There’s no word at this point about what powers the concept, but it could be a small 3-cylinder 1.0-liter engine taken from the MOTIV.e where it was believed to develop 70 - 80 bhp (52 - 60 kW). That doesn’t sound overly impressive, but given car’s lightweight construction, it should still be a fun and nimble machine.

As for the design, Yamaha took its inspiration from the artistic style of Elementarism and came out with an attractive sports car which looks just about ready to reach production and has a driver-focused cockpit with door straps instead of regular handles as a way to cut weight even further.

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