The Ford Maverick is one of the Blue Oval’s newest offerings, and it’s been a hot seller since it went on sale. The bite-sized pickup is available with a hybrid powertrain that powers the front wheels, but an all-wheel-drive version with electrification might be in the works. New spy shots have captured a Maverick out testing with some odd and revealing modifications.

The pickup has a junction box attached to the rear door with writing on it that raises a few questions. It clearly reads “PHE-V” and “2.1L,” suggesting that this has a 2.1-liter PHEV powertrain. The box also has writing on it that appears to indicate the truck’s “Base Weight” went from “1684” to “1790,” which makes sense if these figures are in kilograms. That new base weight translates to 3,946 pounds.

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That might seem portly for the pickup, but it seems reasonable compared to the other Maverick variants. The gas-powered all-wheel-drive Maverick tips the scales at 3,731 lbs (1,692 kg). Adding the PHEV hardware would increase the weight, as would the apparent all-wheel-drive system and a larger battery. This Maverick sports an independent rear suspension that indicates Ford is powering all four wheels.

Ford partially covered the truck in camouflage, with the front clip and doors still wrapped. This looks like an early test vehicle, as the truck sports stand-in headlights, and there’s a lot of cladding over the front end. The truck also has a bed cap that might be hiding some new hardware from curious eyes. However, Ford shouldn’t have to modify the truck much to accommodate additional EV hardware.

Ford designed the Maverick to accommodate a second battery underneath the floor, but it only has a 1.1-kilowatt-hour battery in the hybrid. The extra space would be perfect for expanding the truck’s all-electric range. The Escape PHEV offers 37 miles (59 kilometers) with its 14.4-kWh battery pack, and we will have to wait and see if the Maverick PHEV can match it. If this isn’t a PHEV variant, then adding an all-wheel-drive Maverick hybrid should be welcomed.

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