The BMW M2 won’t debut until October, but a pair of unofficial renderings peels back the colorful wrap. The new, high-powered coupe will arrive with an aggressive design, and it should look like a potent sports coupe if the renderings from our are correct.

The renderings remove the colorful camouflage wrap the car wore when we drove a prototype earlier this month. It reveals an athletic-looking two-door with the grille, headlights, lower bumper opening, and intakes receiving a squared-off appearance. It’s a big change compared to the M240i, which will allow the M2 to stand out from the rest of the lineup. At the rear, the rendering shows the coupe with a unique rear bumper, a new diffuser, and quad exhaust pipes poking out.

Gallery: Unofficial 2023 BMW M2 Renderings

While BMW hasn’t provided us specific details about the car’s powertrain output, we do know it will arrive packing the M4’s S58 engine. However, the twin-turbo inline-six won’t produce the same output. Instead, BMW will restrict it to around 450 horsepower (335 kilowatts), and BMW has been coy about the official numbers. The automaker doesn’t want the little M2 eating into sales of the more powerful M3 and M4, which make 473 hp (352 kW).

The M2 will also borrow the M4’s brake systems, which should provide ample stopping power. BMW will route power through a six-speed manual gearbox or eight-speed M Steptronic automatic transmission exclusively to the rear wheels. BMW will offer the M2 with a carbon-fiber roof, which will cut down on weight and lower its center of gravity. The new M2 will nearly match the old M2 CS, according to BMW.

Inside, BMW will offer optional carbon-fiber seats while providing information to the driver through the company’s latest iDrive 8 system and the curved display screen straight from the new iX. BMW will give it unique M-specific graphics.

We’re still months away from BMW revealing the new M3 in its entirety, and there’s a lot we already know about it. However, we expect the company to continue to tease the two-door leading up to its October debut. The car won’t go on sale until April 2023.

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