Volvo Cars Australia has inaugurated a new type of dealership “inspired by Scandinavia” as part of their new customer experience strategy.

Located at 441 Malvern Road, South Yarra in Victoria, the new Volvo Retail Experience concept is substantially different than the usual crop of dealerships as Volvo focused on creating an open and warm space with a contrasting theme. It certainly looks more welcoming and also stylish with that glass facade and wooden frame showroom entrance. Step inside and you will notice “The Street” area described as having a “raw yet sophisticated appeal” while “The Living Area” has a “welcoming and relaxed” environment.

The aforementioned Volvo Retail Experience concept also includes the Volvo Personal Service which aims to cut down the waiting times during vehicle service. This will be possible by assigning a technician for each customer that signs up for a service at the dealer. The client will talk to the technician in the so-called “living room” and if necessary, he will be escorted to the workshop.

All these changes are part of the “Volvo Way to Market” marketing strategy that also focuses on selling cars online, cutting back on auto shows and setting up own events to launch new models. We are not sure how many of you noticed, but Volvo was not present at last month’s Frankfurt Motor Show because they will only come to NAIAS (Detroit), Geneva and the alternating Shanghai / Beijing.

Gallery: Volvo Australia opens up fancy dealership inspired by Scandinavia

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