Lexus has published a teaser image of their new design concept which will receive its world premiere later this month in Tokyo.

It comes after an announcement made earlier this month about a new design concept that aims to offer a first glimpse at the company’s “vision of progressive luxury” which makes us believe the vehicle will actually preview the much-awaited next generation LS full-size sedan due to go on sale sometime next year.

The current model has been on sale for almost ten years, so naturally it’s about time Lexus is previewing an all-new model which according to reports will utilize a 465 bhp V8 gasoline engine that will also be offered in a hybrid configuration with an electric motor boosting output to somewhere in the region of 535 bhp (399 kW).

Further down the line, a fuel cell derivative is believed to be on the agenda with a hardware setup sourced from the Mirai. Given the increased size and weight (about 2,100 kg), this LS fuel cell will have a stronger setup and is expected to offer a maximum range of 239 miles (384 km).

In terms of design, we only have this teaser image showing the slim headlight with a triple layout while below are the LED daytime running lights featuring that Nike-like shape as seen in recent models such as the NX and RX. Don’t be too surprised if there is going to be a huge spindle grille, some massive alloy wheels and a futuristic interior cabin with very few physical buttons and knobs.

We will have all the juicy details on October 28 when the concept will be revealed in Tokyo.

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