Apple CEO hints at "massive change" in the auto industry

Apple CEO Tim Cook has provided a few more hints about the company's long-rumored iCar.

Speaking at the WSJD Live event in California, Cook said there will be a "massive change" in the automotive industry.  He declined to confirm the company was working on a car but stated, "When I look at the automobile, I see that software is becoming an increasingly important part of the car of the future."

The executive also highlighted the importance of autonomous driving technology and noted a shift away from petrol and diesel engines to the "electrification" of the vehicle.  This isn't terribly surprising as previous reports have suggested the iCar will be an electric vehicle with a semi-autonomous driving system.

Cook also seemed to downplay critics who have doubted Apple's plans to enter the automotive marketplace by pointing out the company has already dipped their toes in the water with Apple CarPlay.

Source: Engadget

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