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What’s the best thing to do when leaving your truck in front of your house – especially if you live in a more rural region? There’s just one valid answer – never forget to lock your vehicle. There are tens of scenarios in which leaving your truck unlocked is dangerous and one of the rarer ones is bear activity. A family in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, learned this lesson the hard way.

On a quiet Sunday three weeks ago, a bear approached a house in the forest with a pickup truck parked in front. This is probably not very unusual for someone living in unurbanized areas but what happens next is very unusual. The bear spent some time around the truck and then opened the door of what seems to be a Ford F-150 – and it opened the door almost like a human. Then, the animal entered the cabin and started looking for something.

Less than a minute later, the bear found what it was looking for – something to eat, of course. According to the description of the video at the top of this page, which captured the crazy moment, the bear opened the center console of the truck and grabbed a package of M&Ms left in the vehicle from a previous trip. The bear then tried to open the package and, as the footage above shows, someone threw two rugs and a chair at the bear trying to get it out of the parking.

The good news is that no one was hurt and, aside from the stress of being targeted with a chair, the bear also looked to be in good health. We don’t know how long the bear kept circling around the house but the video ends with the animal staying a few meters away from the truck. We also have no idea regarding the damage to the interior of the F-150 but it’s fair to say the bear was very gentle when entering the cabin.

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