Porsche and the German shoe brand Puma are teaming up to launch the Suede RS 2.7 Limited Edition. This range of footwear is available in color combinations that take inspiration from the classic version of the 911. Plus, buyers get a free ticket to the Porsche Museum through the end of 2022.

Each of the ten colorways of these Porsche-inspired Puma Suede shoes is limited to 500 pairs. The orange-and-black scheme is exclusive to The Netherlands, and you can only get the Grand Prix White and black combo in Japan.

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In addition to the special color combos, they have a RS 2.7-inspired typeface on the sides. There's a message that this model is limited to 500 pairs on one side and the Porsche name on the other side. The tongue features a drawing of a Carrera RS 2.7 in profile, and the heel has a "RS 2.7" logo.

The colorways include black with a red stripe, light blue and black, white and black, beige and black, blue and black, green and black, white and green, white and red, white and blue, and orange and black.

The special Puma Suede shoes went on sale on Porsche's online store on June 9, and the company put up a message saying they already sold out there. A few more will be available from the Porsche Museum Shop on June 10. Puma's site also doesn't list them currently.

Porsche is currently celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 911 Carrera RS 2.7, including a special exhibition at its museum starting September 20. The vehicle debuted in 1972 and was the most powerful first-generation 911 available for use on the street.

The RS 2.7 was a homologation special to take the model racing. Power came from a 2.7-liter fuel-injected flat-six engine making 207 horsepower (155 kilowatts) and 188 pound-feet (255 Newton-meters). With the optional Sport package, which lowered the weight, it could hit 62 mph in less than 6.0 seconds.

To homologate the RS 2.7, Porsche only needed to make 500 of them. The model proved so successful that the company managed to sell 1,580 of them.

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