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An interesting six-door Volvo S80 limousine was spotted recently by a reader of


With an S90 right around the corner, the S80 is on its way to a well-deserved retirement but nevertheless there are still many people fans of the outgoing model's classic design which doesn't look half bad on this six-door conversion. We did a little bit of digging and managed to find out it was made by limousine specialist Nilsson from Sweden and the vehicle is 1340 mm longer than a standard S80. This is a six-door conversion, but they are also offering a stretched S80 with a four-door layout.


The six-door Volvo S80 by Nilsson Special Vehicles is 6191 mm long, 2106 mm wide and 1510 tall, with a 4175 mm wheelbase and a 2,743 kg weight for the T6-powered engine while the D5 diesel version tips the scales at 2,840 kg. We checked their website and found out these engines are mated to Volvo's Geartronic six-speed automatic gearboxes, but they say the vehicle does not meet the European emission requirements. However, maybe the website has not been updated in a while and the car might have road-legal status by now. As you would expect from a coach-built limousine, optional armoring is available and in this case there's a maximum B4 ballistic protection level offered.

The four-door version has the exact same specifications, but on the inside the second and third rows of seats don't face each other as they do on the six-door model. Needless to say, there's a long list of optional equipment ranging from electric seats to flag poles and intercom.




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