A huge Foton Auman car carrier trailer was photographed recently in China with no less than 15 vehicles.


Spotted in eastern Beijing, the massive vehicle was in an area where such behemoths are banned but that didn't stop this cocky driver and he even used the bike lane. According to Car News China, the law says these trailers must go to transfer facilities designated by the local authorities and at those locations the cars are transferred to smaller trucks which ultimately take them to the dealers.


However, some companies operating in the field of car transporting in China decide to save time and money by unloading the cars in less populated areas where the police doesn't usually patrol, as it was the case with this car carrier trailer that had 13 Volkswagen Tiguans, a Polo and a Touran.

The trailer of this Foton Auman looks like as if it was hand-built, but not in the good way. It's approximately 30 meters long and surprisingly there was room for yet another six cars, thus increasing the grand total to 21 vehicles.

Source: Car News China


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