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The Lancer Evo is really at the end of the line as Mitsubishi has announced they won't come out with a new one.


Company CEO and chairman Osamu Masuko just put the last nail in the Lancer Evo's coffin by revealing the recently introduced Final Edition will indeed be the last hurrah for the high-performance sedan. A new one won't be introduced because Mitsubishi has shifted focus towards plug-in hybrid SUVs, but the automaker is keen on the idea of launching a high-performance vehicle with a hybrid setup which could bring back the Evo name at one point.


It is believed a new Evolution-badged model will take the shape of a mean yet green second generation ASX with a high-powered plug-in hybrid arrangement and an all-wheel drive setup. That's a far cry from a new Lancer Evolution, but it's better than nothing, although many people will say that such a model will dilute the Evo badge. If this will turn out to be true, the vehicle will probably have a lot in common with the Concept XR-PHEV II shown earlier this year in Geneva.



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