The world is patiently awaiting the Cadillac Celestiq. It was first announced back in 2020; we're now halfway through 2022 and the electric sedan still hasn't debuted. But new teaser images from Cadillac remind us that it's coming, possibly sooner rather than later.

For this round of teasers, Cadillac has focused primarily on lighting elements of the Celestiq. That might seem a bit redundant considering the previous teaser from January 2021 also emphasized lights. That was more of a black-and-white thing, whereas this time around we're treated to some color. Also, lighting features won't be relegated to headlights and taillights, as seen in the image at the top of this article. It depicts a long fender with the front wheel pushed about as far forward as you can get, with an illuminated badge behind it.

Cadillac Celestiq Show Car Teaser Photo

Another teaser image zooms in on the taillights, which carry on with Cadillac's long tradition of thin, vertically-oriented red lenses. The design and shape are quite similar to the Lyriq crossover, something we've also seen in previous teasers.

The silver teaser image is something of a mystery; it appears to be a close look at a piece of exterior trim, perhaps something along the rear quarter panel. The final image is a complete mystery, though it's impossible to miss standard of the world stamped into whatever that is. If you have any thoughts on these two images, jump into the comments and let us know.

Cadillac Celestiq Show Car Teaser Photo
Cadillac Celestiq Show Car Teaser Photo

It should be noted that we aren't necessarily looking at a production version of the Celestiq in these teaser images. It will debut first as a concept (show car, as Cadillac calls it) but it could well be a near-production offering just as the Lyriq was.

"From its unique proportions and a new effortless, sophisticated form language, to the precision and attention to detail, Celestiq is unlike anything on the road today," said Magalie Debellis, manager of Cadillac Branded Advanced Design. "From its inception, the Celestiq show car was crafted to reincarnate the 'Standard of the World.'"

It's been two years since we first learned of Celestiq, and over a year since the last teaser popped up. We thought the big EV sedan would debut last year, though enduring supply chain problems and the chip shortage have certainly caused delays with pretty much every automaker on the planet. With Cadillac jumping back onto the teaser train, could we finally see the Celestiq revealed later this year? Cadillac isn't talking, but we're betting heavily on yes.

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