Storage space is a hot commodity in camper vans and RVs. There’s only so much room, but clever design can go a long way in crafting a generous living space. One camper van that does this well is the Murvi Pimento XL, which incorporates easily accessible outside storage in a compact footprint.

The Murvi Pimento XL features a partitioned rear cargo area, with one-half of it dedicated to the storage area. It features adjustable shelves, a hanging rod, and a hatch that makes the storage area accessible from the inside. Murvi thought about privacy, opting not to put a window in the storage area door and making it great for storing valuables with plenty of space for tall items.

Gallery: Murvi Pimento XL

The extra storage space doesn’t limit the features. The Pimento XL features ample seating, a single and double bed option, a wet bath with a sink, and a kitchen. It comes with a three-burner stovetop, a fridge, and a sink with storage spaces above and below. Murvi offers the Pimento with several options, such as an oven, microwave, or a different type of fridge.

The two available bed options fold out from the sofa, which features even more storage underneath the cushions. The front seats can swivel, and Murvi offers two dining table options, which are standard features. Murvi offers the Pimento XL on either a Fiat Ducato or Ford Transit chassis.

With each Murvi built to order, the company offers an extensive list of options, including awnings, a reverse camera, bug screens, an external shower, and more. Roof-mounted solar panels are also optional, but Murvi does make a 150-amp-hour lithium-ion battery a standard feature to help make off-grid living easier.

Camper vans, motorhomes, and travel trailers are trending worldwide right now, and the Murvi Pimento XL shows yet another way to craft a living space on wheels. There are more choices than ever, with a broader array of designs and ideas transforming how we can live on the road. No camper van will offer everything you need, but the Murvi Pimento XL provides a lot.

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