Water and cars do not mix. Actually, deep water and cars don't mix, save for exceedingly rare examples like the Amphicar from the 1960s, or high-riding four-wheel-drive vehicles with gobs of ground clearance. Even then, navigating a flooded street is extremely dangerous, as there's no telling what obstacles or pitfalls might lurk beneath the water. As such, this article definitely earns a don't try this at home warning.

For that matter, don't try it on the street either. We're amazed the driver of this C8 Chevrolet Corvette made such an attempt, but we're even more amazed that it was successful. The exact location of this daring drive is unknown, though it does take place somewhere in the shadows of Miami, Florida. The southern part of the state was slapped hard with a tropical storm system last weekend, with over a foot of rain falling in some locations. Captured in a video on Instagram from Luis Leyva (@superstrong26), the action here pretty much speaks for itself.


We don't know if there's a foot of water on this particular street, but we do know there's more of this black 'Vette under the water than above it. The video starts with the Chevy already in the middle of the street, its hood and headlights completely submerged. Waves break over the windshield. Rooster tails shoot from the exhaust tips on either side. Music in the video prevents us from hearing the car, but it keeps going and literally pushes a bow wave onto the street as it returns to dry ground, apparently no worse for wear.

Apparently is the key word here. Look closely as it drives by and you'll see water running out from the base of the passenger door. That suggests there's quite a bit of water inside, and you know those big air intakes on the sides were scooping up all kinds of water. Yes, the video ends with the car driving away, but we have no idea how far it went. And who knows what kind of issues could crop up in the future.

Folks, we'll say it one more time. Don't tempt fate when it comes to flooded streets. Even if you make it through, there could be long-term consequences that can ruin your car.

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