Genesis – the luxury vehicle marque formed by Hyundai a few years ago – is now a solid player in the premium car market in the United States and is slowly expanding its business operations in Asia and Europe. The next chapter in the brand’s evolution appears to be a new division for bespoke cars, which has reportedly been established as a dedicated organization to support the main company’s activities. 

A new report from The Korean Car Blog claims Genesis is planning the so-called One of One division, which will work on creating a bespoke vehicle strategy similar to what other luxury brands currently have. Initially, the bespoke vehicle arm will work on building and launching special edition models based on existing products. This is a classic move for premium brands, which is designed to keep the interest in a certain product high even later during its lifecycle by introducing design and interior tweaks.

According to the report, Genesis will work on bullet-proof vehicles for ceremonial purposes. Also, vehicles based on individual customer tastes could be in the cards. One of One will be responsible for all kinds of limited edition models and design packages for the different markets, similar to what Porsche Manufaktur and Mulliner, for example, are doing for Porsche and Bentley, respectively.

When Genesis launched the GV80, the South Korean luxury automaker also introduced the so-called Your Genesis, which is basically an advanced ordering system. It allows the customer to select only the features and specifications they want from the available 104,000 combos for the premium SUV. This new ordering system is not fully functional in the US, China, and Europe yet, but should be released on the global markets soon. The One of One division is also planned to be fully established later this year.

Hyundai, the parent company of Genesis, also has plans to give its European arm more freedom in creating vehicles curated especially for the local customer base. This also includes products from the Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis brands developed in Europe for Europe and the entire world.

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