The photographers featured in this video probably thought they were a safe distance from the racing action. The dangerous spot is always on the outside of corners, but this wild video offers two lessons for folks who enjoy getting up-close for photos at racing events. Always have a spotter with you, and always expect the unexpected. Even when you're standing on a hill along the middle of a straight.

The crash occurred back in April at the 2022 Pöllauberg Hillclimb, taking place just north of Pöllauberg in the southeastern region of Austria. The annual event sees a wide range of competitors tackling the 1.24-mile stage, which sees a modest 328-foot ascent from start to finish. The above video from Motorsportvideos Luky M. on YouTube captures the final straight just before the finish, and according to comments in the video, neither the driver nor any of the spectators were hurt in the crash.

The same can't be said for the KTM X-Bow GTX, which lost its entire front clip in the melee. Driver Dominik Olbert went into the final left-hander a bit too hot, causing the rear to step out slightly when exiting the corner. The right rear tire dips into the grass and at that point, control is lost. The KTM sails off the course at nearly a 90-degree angle, slamming into the deep ditch head-on. The impact sends the car spinning as the front disintegrates, which also sends parts flying in all directions.

Despite being several feet off the road on the side of a hill, photographers start scattering as momentum carries the thoroughly busted X-Bow right into the spot where several people were standing. It comes to rest perhaps 50 feet from the finish line, stopping just in front of a parked car.


Olbert's Instagram account shows a X-Bow racing in a recent endurance event, though it's unclear if that's the same car rebuilt or a different car. In any case, we're glad to see all is well and he's back in the saddle after such a scary crash.

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