The BMW M3 Touring is almost here, with the release set for later this year, and BMW production is gearing up to meet the demand for its high-performance wagon. The new G81 BMW M3 Wagon plans to combine BMW M3 performance with the practicality of a wagon to create the ultimate family car. To celebrate this exciting M3 variant, BMW M created a tour video of their manufacturing facility to showcase how the BMW M3 Wagon is built.

The G80 BMW M3 debuted in 2020 and it ushered in a new era for BMW’s iconic sports sedan. The G80 brought along a host of polarizing adjustments to the BMW M3 formula like optional all-wheel-drive, a torque converted automatic, and controversial styling. There was one change, however, that most agreed with, and that was the addition of the G81 BMW M3 Touring.

The G81 BMW M3 Touring combines all of the mind-bending performance of the G80 BMW M3 with the practicality of a 3-Series wagon and is set to debut in June of 2022. This fast wagon is the perfect offering for customers who want a performance SUV but cannot stomach its higher center of gravity.

BMW M is committed to making sure the G81 BMW M3 Touring is a true M product. Their attention to detail in the production process, as shown in BMW M’s video, is second to none. The body in white is constructed by a fleet of precise robots that handle all of the critical welding required to build a stable and rigid body required to live up to the BMW M badge on the wagon’s rear hatch. Then Quality Control robots work to check on the work of their upstream brethren to make sure every single weld was completed correctly.

From there, the body on white moves on to the paint booth, which is a hybrid of experienced craftspeople and painting robots that work together to produce a superior finish. In the BMW M videos, you can see M3 Tourings painted in radical colors that include purple and a lime green color. The product process continues as the G81 wagon moves through several production stations that combine the precision of robots with the expertise of experienced craftspeople. The final product is a wagon worthy of the BMW M3 badge.

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