Honda already gave us a look at the next HR-V but the Japanese automaker has yet to provide substantial details regarding its powertrain. We all know what it looks like and we know how versatile its cargo's going to be. But when it comes to its engine, we're still in the dark at this time.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has other plans, though, as it reveals some definitive details under the 2023 HR-V's hood together with its fuel economy. There's an increase in engine displacement. Naturally, fuel efficiency's affected for both front-wheel and all-wheel drivetrains.

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According to the EPA, the 2023 Honda HR-V will forego the current naturally aspirated 1.8-liter for a bigger 2.0-liter, still non-turbocharged. As mentioned, it will be available as FWD and AWD, while CVT is still the transmission option.

With the increase in engine size comes a change in fuel economy ratings. The 2023 HR-V in FWD guise is rated at 26/32/28 (city/highway/combined), while the AWD version is rated at 25/30/27. In comparison to its 2022 rating, there's a notable decrease in fuel efficiency.

  City (mpg) Highway (mpg) Combined (mpg)
2022 Honda HR-V FWD (1.8L) 28 34 30
2022 Honda HR-V AWD (1.8L) 26-27 31 28-29
2023 Honda HR-V FWD (2.0L) 26 32 28
2023 Honda HR-V AWD (2.0L)  25 30 27

The question now is this 2.0-liter engine's power output. Looking at the 11th-generation Honda Civic (where the American HR-V is actually based), the normally aspirated inline four-pot DOHC i-VTEC engine makes 158 horsepower (118 kilowatts) and 138 pound-feet (187 Newton-meters) of torque.

Of note, non-American HR-Vs come with hybrid powertrains, while those launched in Indonesia and the Philippines are powered by a more potent turbocharged 1.5-liter that makes 174 hp (130 kW) and 177 lb-ft (240 Nm) of torque – a slightly detuned version of the 2022 Honda Civic's turbocharged 1.5L i4 sold in the US.

The 2023 Honda HR-V will go on sale on June 7 so by then, we should be getting the official numbers, including other details such as interior design and equipment.

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