The Volvo S90 is making an online comeback courtesy of a new batch of low-res images showing an official scale model.

This is by far our best look at Volvo's upcoming flagship model set to replace the aging S80 and as you can see the design is virtually brand new. Those modern Thor's Hammer LED daytime running lights are taken from the second-gen XC90 while the rear end hosts a pair of massive C-shaped taillights along with large "Volvo" lettering on the trunk lid. The badge on the front grille also looks huge, but maybe it's because this is a scale model so in real life it might not be that prominent.

This is a 1:43 scale model made by Chinese producer Norev and it's one of the 20 stolen by a Volvo employee who took some blurry pictures and posted them online, thus giving us a great unofficial preview prior to the S90's reveal set for the end of this year.

Although you can't really tell from these images, previous spy shots have shown it will be significantly larger than its predecessor which will obviously translate into a more spacious interior cabin, especially for rear passengers. It will utilize Volvo's new Scalable Product Architecture and will only come with four-cylinder engines, just like the XC90. Those in need of more trunk space will have to wait for the V90 which Volvo said will be out with a design influenced by the Concept Estate.

China will be the first country to get the all-new S90 at the beginning of 2016, but other markets will follow shortly.

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