About two months ago, we reported about the 2022 Ford Bronco potentially losing its factory-installed navigation system. At the time, the information was not confirmed by a representative for the automaker and the off-roader continued its life as before. However, it seems that the 2022 Bronco lost two of its cloud navigation options as they are no longer available in the options sheet.

A leaked Ford dealer bulletin, obtained by Bronco Nation and brought to our attention by Autoblog.com, reveals that as of May 30 the so-called Connected Navigation and Connected Built-In Navigation options are not showing up as available for the 2022 Bronco. It’s important to note that these changes don’t affect retail custom orders made before Ford closed the 2022 order books. The removed feature only applies to dealer stock orders being processed now.

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The discontinuation of the connected navigation – hopefully a temporary measure – means customers will no longer receive services like traffic and gas price updates, predictive destinations and route guidance, voice control functionality, and others. Consequently, annual map updates and home zone quarterly map updates are also unavailable.

Probably the worst piece of information coming from our sources is that Broncos built without those features due to the microchip shortage can’t be upgraded later with the missing functions. This also includes the lack of the Bronco’s dedicated off-road and towing features built into the navigation.

While this move is surely disappointing, it’s at least a slightly less aggressive measure compared to the initial reports. Back in early April, word on the street was Ford will stop installing built-in navigation systems altogether and a company spokesman told us the automaker was considering "many options to help get vehicles to our customers sooner during this global shortage of semiconductor chips."

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