American Honda has released its YTD sales figure for May, showing a huge decline in sales performance from the Japanese automaker. With 435,159 unit sales from January to May 2022, American Honda records a 36 percent decline compared to the same period last year. The numbers include sales from Honda and Acura in the US.

In May alone, American Honda sold only over 75,000 vehicles – a huge decline versus the 176,815 units sold in May 2021. The company said that supply constraints were to be blamed, as inventory is at historic lows.

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Despite the imminent arrival of the next-generation Honda CR-V this year, the crossover SUV remains to be the top seller in the lineup, delivering over 17,000 in May and over 93,000 YTD.

Likewise, the 11,250 units of the HR-V have been sold in May 2022 despite the fact that the new version is going on sale on June 7.

Meanwhile, there's a bit of a ruse among the Honda sedans. The Civic usually outsells the Accord but the report showed that the midsize has outsold the compact in May – 11,066 units vs 8,147, respectively.

According to Honda, more than half of Civic and CR-V sales are pre-sold before they reach Honda dealer lots.

On the Acura side, the SUVs still outsold the sedans, though American Honda remains bullish for the rest of the year as it starts selling the new Integra on June 2, 2022. According to the company, Integra's pre-sales remain strong, creating positive energy among Acura dealers.

The story's the same for the Honda vehicles as new models are already slated for this year's launch. It remains to be seen whether the company will be able to bounce back from its inventory slump that plagues its sales numbers.

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