Hot on the heels of SpaceX announcing a new StarLink service for RVs is Alphavan saying it's ready to equip the tech on its camper vans. The German company will offer an optional StarLink adapter package that is ready to connect to the satellite internet hardware and service. Alphavan's campers will be plug-and-play with StarLink.

While truly mobile high-speed internet is a dream for many, StarLink's service comes with a few caveats that bring us back to Earth. For one, the service won't be available while the RV, camper van, or travel trailer is in motion. That's a bummer, but it'll void the limited warranty. However, StarLink says it's working to make this possible.

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Another caveat is that StarLink will prioritize other internet traffic on the service over that of StarLink for RVs. This could result in "degraded service and slower speeds in congested areas and during peak hours. Stated speeds and uninterrupted use of the service are not guaranteed."

Alphavan will provide the hookup, but it won't provide the hardware, which you will have to get from StarLink. There's a one-time $599 hardware cost plus a $135 monthly fee. StarLink for RVs allows customers to pause and unpause service as they want; however, the customers have to pay for an entire month of service regardless of how long they need it for.

Alphavan's package will include the necessary mounting hardware for StarLink, including all the pre-wiring. The addition of the StarLink to Alphavan's offerings only further enhances the company's high-tech cred, which includes a smart home control system, a smart TV, and an optional sound system. The company has not mentioned how much the StarLink package will cost.

The Alphavan, built from a Mercedes Sprinter, can transform into a multi-room living space with a unique design and high-quality materials. There's a semi-private loft bedroom, a wet bath, and an accessible garage area that can serve as a children's bedroom. SpaceX's StarLink might not be the ultimate RV internet service yet, but this is a solid start to make that future a reality.

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