Toyota has released images and details concerning a new concept for an S-FR entry-level sportscar which will premiere at the end of this month in Tokyo.

The main idea behind this concept is to show a lightweight, small sportscar aimed towards those who want a no-frills fun front-engined, rear-wheel drive vehicle. It's just 3990 mm long, 1695 mm wide and 1320 mm tall, with a 2480 mm wheelbase and a four-seater cabin. The simple and rounded design gives it a cute appearance while the yellow body is nicely contrasted by a black roof.

The interior is also quite basic and comes with a fully digital instrument cluster and just a few buttons for the climate control system along with USB ports, start/stop and a power socket mounted down low.

Also noticeable is the short gear knob for the six-speed manual transmission, but Toyota doesn't say what powers this concept. They do mention it provides smooth acceleration which corroborated with the optimal weight distribution and independent suspension turn the S-FR into an agile car offering a responsive drive.

According to the Japanese marque, the S-FR is envisioned for car owners that like to drive and customize their vehicles. If turned into a production car, such a vehicle would slot underneath the GT86, but Toyota hasn't said a word about the possibility of actually making it. That being said, there was a rumor earlier this year about a sub-GT86 model with a 130 bhp 1.5-liter engine and weighing just 980 kg (2,160 lbs). The report also said it will take design cues from the 1965 Toyota Sports 800 and the 86 Style Cb which does seem to be the case with this concept. If the rumor will turn out to be valid, expect a production version of this concept to go on sale sometime in 2018.

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