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And now for something completely different, here is a spy video unlike any other we've seen before. It's a Lamborghini Urus behaving strangely, but not because there's something wrong with it. The SUV was used as a shield to block the man with the camera from filming the hypercar behind it. Yes, that looks like an Aventador, but with the peeps from Sant'Agata Bolognese going the extra mile to hide it, we're likely dealing with something else.

Chances are the V12 machine in the background is an Aventador-bodied test mule of Lamborghini’s new flagship. But why did they bother to hide it? It’s a good question, especially since our own spies have already caught the new electrified raging bull seemingly carrying its own body. You can see it in the spy shots below, captured from afar testing on private grounds.

2023 Lamborghini Aventador successor spy photos

We have to hand it to the Urus driver as he does a great job at blocking the view as much as possible, but with the hypercar being so big, it was rather difficult to mask it entirely all the time. The yellow stickers on the camouflaged machine indicate it was a hybrid, which reinforces our opinion that wasn't an Aventador underneath the familiar skin. The new raging bull will be electrified to some extent, but the mighty twelve-cylinder engine will still be there.

Lamborghini is not done with the Aventador yet as it had no other way but to restart production to assemble extra cars after 15 Ultimae examples perished on the Felicity Ace. As you may recall, the cargo ship caught fire before ending on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, taking away with it 20 Huracans and 50 Urus SUVs.  

It's unclear whether the return of the Aventador Ultimate has caused a delay in the release of its successor. In the meantime, Lamborghini is about to unveil its final pure ICE cars, the high-riding Huracan Sterrato and the facelifted Urus (Evo). After that, every single model will be electrified, followed by an EV set to arrive in 2028.

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