We all know that Ford's CEO Jim Farley is a real car guy. He races and collects cars, and based on the accounts of people who know him personally, he's never shy to talk about cars. If those aren't proof enough, Farley has carried the nickname Jimmy Car Car since he was little.

But beyond riding a Puma rally car (and liking it), Ford's head honcho has started a podcast to express his love for cars. Now on Spotify, "DRIVE with Jim Farley" pilots this May, with a show that interviews friends, comedians, and fellow auto enthusiasts.

There's one clincher though – Farley doesn't want to talk about Ford. Well, not as a business anyway.

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In an interview with Detroit Free Press, Farley said that Spotify came to him last year and invited him to start a podcast series as a "business leader." He declined as he didn't want to be that boring business leader guy.

Farley eventually agreed to the proposal, with the condition that he doesn't talk about work.

When asked why he did so, Farley said:

I’ve been passionate about cars basically my entire life, and the podcast was a chance to connect with others about our mutual love for the things that get us around. Having these conversations helps me recharge my batteries and connect with my love for cars outside of business.

"DRIVE with Jim Farley" will have weekly uploads through July. The show will feature guests such as Dax Shepard, Jimmy Kimmel, The Duke of Richmond, and Patrice Banks. Superstar quarterback Tom Brady will also appear on the show's season finale, set to debut on July 6, 2022.

"Everyone has a story in their life that’s linked to a car. You don’t have to be a car collector or auto exec to connect through these stories. People are passionate about vehicles. Yes, they can physically take you from point A to point B, but what happens on these journeys is often what you remember," said Farley in Spotify's interview.

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