Volvo has taken the wraps off their autonomous driving interface called IntelliSafe Auto Pilot.

Billed as "one of the industry’s most advanced and easy-to-use interfaces," the IntelliSafe Auto Pilot system is designed to provide a "safe and seamless" transition between traditional driving and autonomous driving.

As Volvo explains, when a driver enters a route where autonomous driving is possible, the car will alert the driver that Auto Pilot is available and lights on two steering wheel mounted paddles will start flashing.  The driver can then pull both paddles simultaneously to activate autonomous mode.  When this occurs, the lights will turn green and the car will confirm it is in Auto Pilot mode.

When autonomous driving is no longer possible, the driver will be alerted and a sixty-second countdown will begin.  If the driver fails to respond - by pulling both paddles simultaneously - the car will automatically bring itself to a safe stop.

The IntelliSafe Auto Pilot will debut on 100 XC90 prototypes which will be available as part of the company's Drive Me project which kicks off in Gothenburg in 2017.  It will eventually be used on mainstream production models with autonomous driving technology.

Gallery: Volvo unveils their IntelliSafe Auto Pilot autonomous driving interface [video]

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