We all know that Richard Hammond is fond of the Ford Mustang. But what can he say about another American muscle? One that has four doors and makes over 700 horses?

Meet, DriveTribe's newest resident vehicle – a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. And while the sedan is fitting in nicely with the publication, Hammond has yet to drive it, which brings us to this new episode where he commutes to work using the muscle car.

For a change, Hammond said he wanted to be mature about the Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody and its 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine. He failed after hitting the start button and hearing the engine's deep grumble.

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Hammond's first comment about the Charger was its sheer size. In fact, he repeatedly mentioned how huge the car was within nine minutes – in several variations straight out of a thesaurus. He even compared it to a Range Rover, saying that it's wider than the Land Rover and felt like it too.

Beyond the comments about size, Hammond was quick to mention the cheap interior of the Charger, pointing out the plastics and the toffee-like leather seats. Although, he concluded that the cabin "doesn't feel horribly tack," so there's that.

Hammond is confused as to what the Charger Hellcat really is. He couldn't call it a muscle car since it has four doors. He believes that muscle cars should be only about the engine; the rest of the things around the V8 are only the supporting casts.

Finally, Hammond compared the Charger to a BMW M5 – a super-powerful executive sedan with an American flavor.

Upon reaching The Smallest Cog, Hammond's classic car restoration business, the former Top Gear host praised the Charger as a fun way to commute to work. We think he liked the car but let's see as he spends more time with it in the months to come.

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