Barely two weeks after dropping a close-up teaser image of the forthcoming Fisker Pear, Henrik Fisker is back with another nighttime depiction of the company's planned compact crossover. This new teaser is a bit less dramatic overall, but it does offer a better look at the Pear's face. It also comes with a promise of being a "revolutionary" EV.

Before diving into what that means, let's take a closer look at the rendering. There's plenty of similarity between the Pear and the Fisker Ocean, notably with the narrow headlights and small rectangular notch just below the hood displaying the vehicle's name. The lower fascia also adopts a similar mesh pattern, mimicking a lower grille though it appears solid. Looking at it head-on, one might easily assume the Pear is simply a smaller Ocean.


But the previous teaser with its three-quarter view suggests something quite different is coming. The hood looks extremely short, and the wide stance with a short wheelbase exudes a hot-hatchback vibe. However, Fisker does state this is a crossover, or rather, a type of one anyway.

Fisker Pear Teaser

The latest teaser mentions the Pear being revolutionary, which is certainly a bold statement in any context. Fisker doesn't offer further clarification, aside to say that technology and unique features will replace tradition. Among other things, we don't see traditional side mirrors in any of the teasers. Fisker could also take a more radical approach to electric vehicle design since there's no internal combustion engine to deal with. We've seen this to some degree at Mercedes-Benz with their EQ vehicles, versus the likes of BMW and Audi that still maintain shapes similar (or identical) to internal-combustion counterparts.

At this point, the Pear is still the domain of a virtual world. Teasers thus far are only renderings, though a prototype could arrive "earlier than I originally stated" according to Fisker. If things go according to plan, the Pear could arrive in 2024 with a starting price of $29,900. Considering the Fisker Ocean hasn't gone on sale yet, there's certainly plenty of time for the Pear's plan to change.

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