Jaguar Land Rover currently offers its vehicles with three different choices of ownership. You can either purchase or rent a model from Jaguar and Lover Rover or, alternatively, you can also enter a long-term subscription program. As of yesterday, all three options are also available through JLR’s online customer platform in the United Kingdom.

Launched in 2019, the automaker’s online buying experience includes a detailed vehicle configurator, followed by different purchase options. A selection of payment methods is then available, including a valuation of the customer’s existing vehicle for part-exchange. This platform now features a new and more friendly design, while pricing is now displayed at the start of the process, not at the end.

As mentioned, there are three different ways of owning a Jaguar Land Rover vehicle, and now all three options are available online. The most traditional way is conventional purchase and the customer can have their new car delivered to their home or have a personal handover at the nearest showroom. Customers can now also follow the status of their order entirely online.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to purchase the vehicle, you can select the Pivotal experience, which is essentially a subscription program. With this method, the vehicle user has to pay a single monthly payment that covers rental, insurance, tax, servicing, and repairs. If you go with this option, Jaguar Land Rover will also deliver the vehicle to your door and will guarantee it will be less than a year old at the time of delivery. Early trials from the British automaker show about 80 percent of customers going for the subscription option are new to the company.

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The third option is for those looking to explore JLR vehicles on a much shorter term. The so-called Road Trip Rentals program delivers the car to your door within “a matter of moments,” especially if you live in London or Manchester. The company promises “transparent and comprehensive” insurance, unlimited mileage, additional drivers, and even congestion charges are included in the rent.

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