Friends, life isn't easy. That goes for humans and sheep, though we suspect a sheep hasn't had to deal with long lines at the coffee shop. For that matter, a sheep hasn't had to politely tell the perturbed, drunk gentleman at the door that Amy doesn't live here, and also, who the hell is Amy? But we digress.

That doesn't mean a sheep has to be, um, a sheep. Case-in-point is the intrepid animal in this cheeky Volkswagen video, who's keen to break free and sees the perfect opportunity with a Tiguan. Maybe it's the SUV's styling, or the interior space, the technology, or maybe it just looks like a big white sheep that's ready to party. Whatever the case, the woolly wanderer jumps in the back when the two human hikers aren't looking. Just imagine their surprise when they get home and realize holy crap, there's a sheep in here!

Yes, it's a silly video that features a sheep taking a walk, getting a bath, drinking from the toilet, you know, all the stuff a sheep really wants to do. But you know what? We could use a bit of silly right now, and for reasons we can't entirely explain, this VW video clicks the right buttons. It's not too long, not too ridiculous, and you're catching it a bit early here at The automaker plans to run the commercial on social media as well as television and cable, so you'll probably see it again.

The video clip, officially called Break Free, is part of VW's Drive Bigger ad campaign that seeks to recapture a bit of old-school Volkswagen fun.

"We’re thrilled to share this latest campaign work and the evolution of Drive Bigger," said Kimberley Gardiner, senior vice president of marketing for Volkswagen of America. "Through good-natured storytelling we're celebrating the little things that make our lives bigger."

Now, if we can get the sheep into a Stormtrooper costume and ring up kid Darth Vader, that would be a commercial to remember. Are you listening, Volkswagen?

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