The DMC DeLorean has a cult status in certain communities in different places around the world. A humble sports car by today’s standards, the DMC-12 became widely popular not because of its dynamic capabilities but after it was featured as the time machine in the Back to the Future films. It is now an icon and every icon deserves to be immortalized on wood. 

You’ve probably already guessed what we are talking about here. There’s a new video from the Awesome Woodcraft channel on YouTube and it shows the wooden recreation of a DMC-12. And it’s not just any DMC but the one featured in the Back to the Future movies with all its extra equipment and a slightly different look. If this is not the first time you are watching a video from this channel, you probably know the attention to detail is absolutely amazing.

We are not specialists, but the DMC-12, especially in this movie version, is probably not easy to be recreated. Using many different tools and skills, the woodmaster slowly gives the DMC-12 life in a scaled variant. The final touches include different cables and electrical components recreating the movie car’s “time machine” equipment.

This wooden DMC-12 comes less than two weeks before a reborn version of the sports car will make its debut. Designed by Italdesign, the new machine will be unveiled to the world on May 31. This fully overhauled vehicle will retain the original model’s gullwing doors but will most likely switch from combustion power to a fully electric powertrain. Not much is known at the moment, though the debut is just around the corner promising to bring all the important details to the table.

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