The seventh-generation Ford Mustang is coming soon, and it will retain a V8 engine under the hood. Special packages and higher-powered variants above the GT are virtually guaranteed, but the nature of those models is still unknown. New spy photos from Dearborn suggest a Mach 1 could be among them.

A single prototype wearing heavy camouflage was spotted on the street, and it looks rather aggressive. It rides on a wheel/tire combo we haven't seen before, and there's no missing the big quad exhaust outlets at the rear. By itself, we wouldn't necessarily think Mach 1 as that's been a limited-run trim over the decades, save for the second-generation Mustang II where it was an appearance package. But this particular prototype is photographed following a new Mach 1, and we can't ignore similarities with the tire width and exhaust finishers. There are also massive brakes visible behind the front wheels.

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That said, the prototype doesn't appear to have a big Mach 1 spoiler on the decklid. Moving forward, the hood and front fascia look similar to previous spy shots that we believe show a GT prototype. The big wing and prominent chin spoiler are available on the Mach 1 in Premium trim, but the standard version nixes those items for a subtle appearance. In short, we can't say one way or another that this prototype is a next-gen Mach 1. The fat tires, big brakes, and bold exhaust tips could represent a GT performance package, a Shelby model, or even a new Boss. But the fact that it's following a Mach 1 is certainly interesting.

In the last 40 years of Mustang history, only four have featured a Mach 1. The 2003-2004 model marked the end of the fourth-generation pony, featuring a naturally-aspirated version of the Cobra's DOHC V8 with a shaker hood, making 305 horsepower. The moniker was resurrected in 2021, offering a mix of Shelby suspension and aero components with a tweaked 5.0-liter V8 making 480 hp.

The seventh-generation Ford Mustang will debut in 2023 as a 2024 model.

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