The driver of a red BMW M6 Coupe decided to block an ambulance on a highway in Russia.


The outrageous incident recorded by a dashcam took place last week on a highway near Zelenograd where an ambulance was transporting to the hospital a person suffering from thrombosis. Shortly after the clip starts, a red BMW M6 Coupe appears to the right of the ambulance and then gets in front of the emergency vehicle only to slow down and effectively block the ambulance.


By now you are probably wondering what was in the BMW's driver mind and you will be shocked to hear this was his way of protesting against the ambulance driver for using the left lane. In Russia, the left lane on the highway is only for performing overtakes, but emergency vehicles like ambulances are legally allowed to use it when on mission and in this case the ambulance had the lights on.


The two vehicles came to a full stop and then the BMW driver got out of his coupe to confront the ambulance driver. Our Russian is a bit rusty, but it's safe to assume the M6 driver was rude with those inside the emergency vehicle as he also made some obscene signs before getting back to his car.

He now risks jail time and according to local media the police also found out he has several unpaid fines.         


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