Large vans aren't on quite the same refresh/recycle schedule as, say, SUVs. Consider the GMC Savana, which is still on sale today in much the same form as when debuted 26 years ago. The current Ford Transit isn't nearly that old, having launched in 2013 with a small facelift arriving for 2020. But a new generation is coming, and these spy photos suggest it's coming soon.

The prototype caught here was seen on the streets near Ford's facility in Germany. This particular Transit Custom obviously sports a raised roof, ready to work for a living or serve as a sizable camper for vacationers seeking a small RV. Not offered in the United States, the Custom is expected to grow ever-so-slightly in the mid-size segment. It rides on a completely new platform, as evidenced by the six-lug wheels versus the five-lugs used on the current model. A range of gasoline and diesel engines are expected, possibly versions of the 2.2-liter and 2.0-liter mills currently offered. Hybrid and electric versions are also coming.

Gallery: Ford Transit Custom Spy Photos

Actually, the all-electric version is already here. Sort of, anyway – the E-Transit Custom made a partial debut on May 9. By that, we mean Ford released several images of the exterior, along with an estimated range of 236 miles on a charge. Additional details are coming later this year, but there's little reason to believe the combustion-powered version will differ significantly in its exterior styling. Spy shots show the faux corner vents on the E-Transit's front fascia should be functional openings on the standard model. The grille obviously won't be solid, and you can expect different headlights without an LED strip connecting them.

Ford Transit Custom Spy Photo

As for the interior, there's a single spy shot that catches part of the dash uncovered. The word here is digital, as we see two rather chunky blocks with a display screen in each. It's unclear whether this is the final design, nor if there will be other options. Among other things, it looks like a very functional layout if not exactly eye-catching.

With E-Transit Custom details coming in September, we expect Ford will unveil the next-generation ICE-powered version of its enduring van around the same time.

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