Chevrolet surprised the world back in January by partially revealing electric versions of both the Equinox and Blazer. Renderings of the new Equinox EV were shared, including a depiction of its digital interior. Now, Chevrolet offers a short teaser video that gets up-close with the dash.

The video begins with a zoomed-in look at one of the round, turbine-style climate control vents in the corners of the dash. The footage shifts to the center console, glimpsing a large cupholder with a bank of controls at the base of the dash barely visible. We see a round dial with buttons in the middle; a common layout with Chevrolet vehicles and one that should be familiar to buyers.

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The video then pans upward, offering a very close look at what appears to be the passenger side of the dash. Apparently, there will be some form of ambient lighting front and center in the dash, though it's possible this is done just for show in the teaser. The video then zooms out to offer a wide view of the dash, showing the large center touchscreen with narrow climate vents below it. We get a partial look at the digital cluster for the driver, which shows 48,211 miles on the odometer. Could this be some kind of secret message or just a random number?

We know the Equinox EV featured in this video hasn't done 48,000 miles. That's because it's not a real vehicle – fine print earlier in the clip states this is all a simulation. The fine print also reaffirms the Equinox EV projected launch date of fall 2023 for the RS model, meaning we still have well over a year before a production model reaches dealerships. The LT model won't arrive until 2024.

When it does arrive, Chevrolet pledged the electric Equinox will have a starting price under $30,000. It's unclear if that price point will be met with the RS model that comes first, but we do know it will use GM's Ultium platform. The forthcoming Blazer EV will also ride on the platform, but thus far, Chevrolet has been far more interested in getting folks excited for the Equinox.

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