To accompany a big manufacturing announcement, there's a new teaser image of the Fisker Pear that shows the compact EV cruising through a city. Fisker will contract with Foxconn to build this vehicle at the former GM Lordstown plant in Ohio. Production will begin in 2024, and the factory will eventually be able to build 250,000 units, according to Fisker's expectations.

The previous teaser for the Pear only showed it from above. This time, we get to see the EV from the front three-quarter perspective. The front fascia has a mesh pattern, but there don't appear to be openings in the material. This is because EVs don't have the same cooling needs as combustion-powered vehicles.

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The headlights are skinny, and there's an illuminated Pear emblem in the middle. From this angle, the hood appears to be quite short.

Look closely to notice that the A-pillar has a distinctly curved shape, which isn't something we usually see on modern vehicles. There are rear-facing cameras on stalks rather than mirrors.

At the back, the rear fenders stick out from the body. From the illumination we can see, the taillights seem to have a vertical orientation on the C-pillar.

Foxconn bought the factory from Lordstown Motors for $260 million on May 11. In addition to the Pear, the plant will also build Lordstown Motors' Endurance electric pickup.

Pear is actually an acronym that stands for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution. Fisker is taking $250 reservations for the vehicle now and projects the starting price to be $29,900 before taxes and incentives.

There aren't many technical details about the Pear available at this time. Fisker refers to the vehicle as an "agile urban EV." The company is also touting the model as having cutting-edge technology.

Fisker is currently preparing to launch the Ocean electric crossover. MagnaSteyr will handle the actual assembly, and production will reportedly start on November 17, 2022.

Fisker is also working on the Ronin electric sports car. So far, we only have a teaser image of its appearance. The company is promising a range of over 550 miles (885 kilometers) and a starting price below $200,000.

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