The Audi R8 remains one of the last “analog” supercars in the world. With its naturally aspirated V10 engine, no hybrid assistance, and relatively low weight, the machine from Ingolstadt is a performance beast that is both fast on track and awesome to drive. And with a little help from a tuning studio, the R8 has the potential to become a hypercar hunter on circuits like the Nurburgring.

A new video we discovered on YouTube takes us to the ‘Ring where vlogger Misha Charoudin hops onboard a modified R8 RWS, which means the car is motivated by its rear wheels only. This is not a stock example and has tweaks to the engine and exhaust system. A few different tunes of the V10 engine are available with different settings for the exhaust tone and power output.

The mapping difference is big and the two laps filmed in this video give us a very good idea of what this Audi is actually capable of. In the first lap, the driver uses a more conservative mapping and hits about 106 miles per hour (170 kilometers per hour) at the Bilstein Bridge. With this mapping, the exhaust sound is not very aggressive but still more notable than the factory note.

In the second lap, the driver engages the more aggressive engine tune, which unleashes more than 700 horsepower (515 kilowatts) and a very offensive exhaust note. The car reaches almost 124 mph (200 kph) in the same section of the track, which shows how much faster the car is when running on E85 fuel and a more powerful tune of the V10 engine.

The point of this video is to show us what a machine the R8 is, especially when tuned, in a purely entertaining way. The track has a decent amount of traffic during these two laps and it’s impossible for the supercar to show its full potential and register a track record. It seems to be big fun behind the wheel, though.

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