Teardrop trailers provide the camping basics, and the Hotomobil Mohican Caravan is no different. However, it stands out from others in the market with its unique packaging and layout. The trailer measures just 11.5 feet (3.5 meters) long, but it still provides a sleeping space and a kitchen, though you won't be living a life of luxury.

The Mohican Caravan achieves its small footprint from its kitchen design. It's fully integrated into the interior and directly accessible from the roll-up door at the rear. The kitchen slides out, which includes a sink and a single-burner stovetop that can sit on the counter. The slide-out kitchen sits next to an optional 49-liter fridge, both of which sit above the foot of the bed. However, it's unlikely anyone will be doing any indoor cooking because of the limited space.

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Inside, a double bed measures 77 by 53 inches (195 by 135 centimeters). It's a small space, but the tall window next to the door helps open it up. There's LED lighting throughout. Opposite that is a longer window with a cover that turns into an outdoor dining table. Hotomobil offers the Mohican with an optional skylight.

The camper isn't going to be a place to entertain friends in the wilderness, but it provides the basics one needs to sneak away. The trailer also features a 45-liter freshwater tank. It features a 50-amp-hour 12-volt battery, but a larger 100-Ah battery is available from the options list. Other options include a roof-top tent for two, solar charging, an outdoor shower system, a portable toilet, and an off-road package.

At just 800 pounds (400 kilograms), the Hotomobil Mohican Caravan is a tiny thing, capable of being towed by a variety of vehicles that shouldn't break the bank account to own. One photos shoes it hitched to a Mini. The clever kitchen design cuts down on its size, but its packaging won't please everyone. The slide-out kitchen is nice, but integrating it into the interior has costs, like eating into the limited living space. However, it’s nice to see some teardrop alternatives. 

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