It’s not a secret that automakers are often following closely what the competition is doing in an attempt to never lag behind their direct market rivals. We’ve seen companies benchmarking their upcoming products with the respective segment’s leaders but this is probably not the case with this Porsche Taycan spied at Lamborghini’s home in Sant'Agata Bolognese.

The video attached above comes courtesy of Varryx, a YouTube channel focused on delivering spy videos from Italy. In this clip, there’s a black Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo filmed leaving Lambo’s factory with its tailgate open. This leaves us with more questions than answers but there’s probably a logical explanation behind the Taycan’s surprising tour around the city of Bologna.

With Lamborghini and Porsche both developing vehicles under Volkswagen Group’s umbrella, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise if the two companies are sharing technologies. The firm from Stuttgart is usually more closely related to Audi, though there are no limits when it comes to platform and technology sharing within the same automotive conglomerate.

It’s difficult to tell exactly what the Taycan’s mission was in Italy, but one possible explanation is that Porsche will lend Lamborghini some of its technologies. There’s a wild rumor from about three years ago, claiming Lambo could resurrect the Estoque moniker as a Panamera-based four-door grand tourer, and this brief appearance of the Taycan at the firm’s factory could hint at a new plan where the electric vehicle is used as a base.

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While it’s way too early to confirm or deny this theory at the moment, there’s one interesting thing we’d like to point out as a final note. As mentioned above, the Taycan leaves the plant with its tailgate open and this probably looks just like a coincidence. However, later in the video, you’ll also see a Lamborghini Urus leaving the same factory with its tailgate open.

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