No matter how much some are hating the fact, huge infotainment screens are becoming rampant these days. So much so that seeing cars with less than 10 inches of screen real estate starts to feel weird.

Some automakers even take this to the extreme. Mercedes-Benz introduced its mind-blowing MBUX Hyperscreen in its EQS flagship EV, which is composed of three screens under one glass that spans from the driver's to the passenger's door. BMW fired back with a panoramic 31-inch 8K theater screen in the rear seats of the BMW 7 Series and i7.

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But it looks like this undeclared "screen war" will become a thing of the past – at least that's what Matthias Junghanns, head of BMW i interior design, thinks when he spoke about the matter.

In a live stream hosted by Car Design News (hat tip to The Drive), design honchos from Automobili Pininfarina, Italdesign, Polestar, ELeather, and BMW talk about the interior of luxury cars in the future.

One of the viewers asked whether premium luxury and UX will still be synonymous with big screens in the future. He added, "Have we reached Peak Screen?"

Junghanns responded with a question: "Is it the big screen that counts?" He continued on by saying that he's personally convinced that huge screens will become history, sooner or later. Junghanns clarified that cars will still be intelligent, but interfaces will just appear "when you need them, and when you want them."

Polestar interior design manager Conny Blommé concurred with Junghanns' views.

"Everything has its peak, and probably screens have," Blommé said. "Most of the time, you're traveling in a car, and you enjoy the view more than you enjoy the screens."

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