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Jeep is probably the first name that comes to mind when talking about adventure vehicles in the United States. With over 80 years of experience, the brand knows how to build vehicles that take people on extraordinary journeys. Through the decades, Jeep has worked on much more than just vehicles, and its newest cooperation comes as yet another proof Jeep means adventure. 

The automotive marque teamed up with Igloo to release a Jeep-branded cooler with original artwork. The cooler is already available in two color options and can be ordered from Igloo’s online shop. The so-called Jeep Playmate is finished with custom graphics with instantly recognizable Jeep styling.

“The Jeep brand embodies the spirit of adventure while Igloo further enhances the good times had on those adventures — it’s a partnership we’re excited to take together,” Brian Garofalow, chief marketing officer at Igloo, explains and we can’t agree more, honestly. “Thanks to the fun, timeless design and ability to keep road drinks and snacks perfectly fresh, the brand-new Jeep Playmate is going to make Jeep life even cooler.”

The cooler has the capacity to fit up to nine 12-ounce cans. Igloo, a company that specializes in products made for family outdoor activities with more than 500 items in the portfolio, wants $44.99 for the Jeep Playmate. It looks like a perfect fit for any adventurer with a Jeep and is a cool (pun intended) addition to the camping equipment. 

In addition to offering some of the most capable off-road products, Jeep is also known for having a wide range of factory accessories and hardware upgrades for its models. In addition to the just-announced cooler, owners of the Wrangler and Gladiator, for example, can order anything from a $13 Hitch Receiver Plug with Jeep Logo to a $4,678 Jeep Performance Front Axle. On average, Gladiator customers are spending $1,000 on accessorizing the truck.

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