The all-wheel-drive variant of the Cadillac Lyriq will have an estimated 500 horsepower (373 kilowatts), according to a question-and-answer session from the automaker on Instagram. In addition, this model can tow up to 3,500 pounds (1,588 kilograms).

Cadillac hadn't previously offered any specs for the all-wheel-drive Lyriq. Production of this variant starts in late 2022 and deliveries should begin in 2023.

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The 500-hp output is a healthy upgrade over the rear-drive version that makes 340 hp (254 kW). It's not clear whether the AWD Lyriq shares the 100.4-kilowatt-hour Ultium battery pack with the less powerful model. The EPA-range estimate isn't available for the RWD variant yet, but Cadillac puts the figure at over 300 miles (483 kilometers).

The Lyriq's DC fast charger operates at up to 190 kilowatts. This lets the electric crossover regain 200 miles of range in about 30 minutes.

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Cadillac received 233,000 expressions of interest in the Lyriq. It's worth noting that this isn't the same as actually placing an order for one. Still, the brand is expecting high demand. The "engineering and manufacturing teams are working very hard to increase capacity to meet this demand," a spokesperson previously told

Cadillac will begin taking orders for the Lyriq on May 19. It'll have a base price of $59,990 including destination. Deliveries of the rear-drive Launch Edition will begin in the summer.

The Lyriq's cabin features a massive 33.0-inch-diagonal LED display. The single screen runs from behind the steering wheel to the center of the dashboard. The available interior amenities include active noise cancellation and a 19-speaker audio system. Buyer can also get an augmented-reality head-up display and the Super Cruise advanced driver assistance system. 

Following the launch of the rear- and all-wheel-drive versions of the Lyriq, there's a possibility about Cadillac creating a performance-focused V-Series variant of the crossover. Right now, the brand is only evaluating whether the model is the right fit for the lineup. Presumably, this sporty example would have even more power than the AWD's 500 hp.

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