It's been nearly seven months since the new Corvette Z06 debuted. We're so close to sampling it in person that we can practically taste it, so we know Corvette enthusiasts must be jumping out of their skin at this point. Patience is a virtue, so to help the process, we present a Z06 video with sights and sounds to soothe your horsepower-craving soul. Or, possibly make the craving even worse.

We've certainly seen the C8 Z06 from multiple angles, inside and out. We've heard it too, but YouTuber and Instagrammer Byron Glover Jr. (@drive615) recently had occasion to take a closer look during NCM Bash – the annual event held at the National Corvette Museum.

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Several C8 models from Chevrolet were on hand for the festivities, including a 70th Anniversary edition with unique wheels and special badging. Our interest (and we suspect yours) comes with the silver Z06 featured in the video above, throwing a few revs to the camera. The video should start at that moment.

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The rest of the 16-minute clip offers tours around other new 'Vettes at the bash, including the aforementioned 70th Anniversary model and a sharp Z06 convertible. As a refresher, the Z06 offers numerous visual and aerodynamic upgrades versus the Stingray, with the side intakes and center-exit exhaust being the most obvious. There's also a Z06-specific front fascia, and depending on the options package, you'll find rear spoilers ranging from mild to wild.

Of course, the LT6 V8 is really what has everyone all fired up. It's a complete departure from the pushrod mills of old, utilizing a flat-plane-crankshaft design and dual overhead camshafts to create a screamer of an engine that loves to rev. The naturally aspirated 5.5-liter LT6 makes 670 horsepower (500 kilowatts) at a sky-high 8,400 rpm – just 200 rpm shy of its redline. It doesn't share any components with the LT2 V8 used in the Stingray, but alas, it's not the first DOHC V8 used in the Corvette. That honor goes to the C4 ZR-1, which packed a 5.7-liter V8 that ultimately developed 405 hp.

Chevrolet still hasn't released pricing for the 2023 Z06, but it's expected to start somewhere around $90,000. Production will begin later in the summer.

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