Someone in China recently took delivery of an all-pink Rolls-Royce Ghost baptized by its owner as the "Pink Baby."


A couple of years ago, Rolls-Royce introduced a pink Ghost Extended Wheelbase FAB1 Million to promote breast cancer awareness, but that wasn't all pink on the outside while the interior cabin had a different hue. Now, someone - most likely a woman - from China bought a Ghost with a factory-fitted pink look both inside and out which makes it one of the most striking RRs we have ever seen.

It comes as a surprise the upper half of the dashboard and the steering wheel have a black finish taking into account just about everything else is pink, except for the floor, seatbelts and parts of the door armrests. On the outside, the pink look is combined with the familiar shiny wheels and an optional illuminated frosted crystal Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament.


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