Transporting building materials is something you can do with your daily ride, at least sometimes when they fit inside without obstructing your view of the road and without posing a risk for the traffic. Of course, the larger the vehicle is, the easier it is to fit more voluminous items in the trunk. When the transportation task is beyond the capabilities of your machine, you can always rent a larger one or, alternatively, pay for a transportation company to deliver the materials right to your door.

The driver of the gray sedan from the video below did neither of these things and instead decided to transport some construction materials on their own. The vehicle carries a few wood planks but the way they are loaded is the worst we can possibly imagine. The beams are hanging sideways from the rear windows of the car in a way that extends the vehicle’s dimensions beyond a single road lane. And this is the driver’s biggest error.


The video starts from the moment the car approaches a road junction and from what we were able to learn, the accident happens on the Airport Road south of the city of Temple in Texas. We can’t tell the exact location, but in the video, we can see a bridge above the main road and a lane going right. Several vehicles are lined there and the vehicle carrying the wood planks passes them at a solid pace, first hitting a road sign with the driver losing control of the vehicle. As a result, they then hit an SUV waiting in line and continues without even considering stopping at the place of the accident.

The camera car continues to follow the gray sedan, which continues to travel on its way. If you take a closer look, you’ll see there's an SUV that appears to be chasing the sedan. Just a few miles down the road, the car approaches another junction and after a short consideration, the driver takes a left turn at a red light. Thankfully, it seems that no one was injured.

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