A promotional stunt organized by Mercedes-Benz turned out to be a disaster after a C63 S and an AMG GT S collided.


It happened recently in South Africa at the Zwartkops Raceway in Johannesburg where Mercedes-Benz set up a show to try and lure in some potential buyers in the market for a sports car with the three-pointed star logo. The weapons of choice were a C63 S and the GT S which were probably supposed to perform a zigzag maneuver, but the synchronization was all wrong and the C63 S hit the GT S.

The impact between the two was quite powerful and the airbags deployed, but thankfully nobody was hurt during this rather embarrassing accident, although one of the drivers does have a few bruises. Both cars were declared write-offs and you can see the extent of the damages in the attached pictures and at the source link below.

Mercedes-AMG C63 S hits AMG GT S during show organized for potential buyers [video]